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Educate yourself, your friends and your family about cannabis law reform.
Cannabis is a safe alternative to alcohol or other drugs. It is non-addictive, cannot cause a fatal overdose, and does not kill brain cells like alcohol.

CannabisTV offers a large collection of cannabis oriented educational and informational videos. Share these with everyone and become an activist.

CannabisTV Compilation Show Comes To An End

For more than 5 years now, I've dedicated many hundreds of hours and thousands dollars of my own money in the effort to create CannabisTV as a compilation of the many thousands of informational videos about hemp and cannabis available online in an effort to educate and help those in need. I created thousands of DVDs that were handed out at local events and cannabis resource centers. My one hour show also aired weekly on RVTV, the local public access station operated by Southern Oregon University, but that partnership has unfortunately ended as of October 2013.

Please continue your efforts to educate people on how cannabis may help those in need of an alternative to the nasty prescription pills, there is a better option and it is medical cannabis. I will continue my efforts here in Oregon to crush the resistance that is trying to stop the implementation of medical cannabis dispensaries, so that we can provide a safe, steady supply of medicine to those who need it. The end of cannabis prohibition is within our sight, but we must continue the fight. The cost of liberty is eternal vigilance, and I will not rest while others with illnesses suffer in pain.


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